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25 October 2003

American Comedy is lame

I know I know, this is old news. The series That's My Bush was aired years ago (before 9/11/2001) but it has hit Dutch TV only now. And by GOD it is not funny!!

It is typically American sitcom-material: lame jokes, nothing really daring and worse of all: it manages to fuck up a great potential succes. G.W. Bush doesn't need satire. The man is a joke in real life. You can not possibly portray him any more stupid than he alrady is. And that is where this progam fails: they try to make him funny and dumb at the same time. But he already is in real life.

What is it about Americans and sitcoms? Why can they not make a decent one? And why can the British do it by simply getting almost anyone off the street and giving him a pen or a typewriter? But most of all: why do US networks drool over British Comedy and then demand an American re-make?

The Girls of CouplingExample: Coupling. A BBC-series about 6 friends and their personal lives (read: sexual adventures). NBC is looking for a sitcom to replace "Friends" and it has its eye on an American version of "Coupling". Firstly: why the hell not just air the British version? Aparently, the British actors are not pretty enough. The American actors are all nice, pretty and slim. Secondly, the things that make the series funny are the great innuendo jokes.But they are deemed 'too much for American TV'. So they simply scratch them. Why the hell would NBC want to buy a comedy about sex when it proceeds to delete all explicit sexual jokes. Mind you, there is more sex in "Sex and the City". So, how was the remake recieved?
You have to watch the US and UK first episodes of Coupling back to back to get the full shock: the British one is vastly better.

It is as if ER were the one made here and Casualty was American, the difference is that striking and is true from the writing and acting to how it is shot.

"Coupling UK" was supposedly too rude and explicit. Referring to girlfriends who won't go away as 'unflushables' was deemed too much for US audiences. Puhlease!!!

Here are some quotes from the British "Coupling":

- I've always wanted to date a gynaecologist. I wanna know I'm special.

- I really thought I'd gone to his house, you know, to heal our spiritual divide. But it turns out I was just gagging for a shag. Those two are so similar.

- I like films with lesbians in them because it's nice to think there are attractive women out there who can't find a boyfriend.

By the way, through "Coupling" is finally know what a Porn Buddy is: a friend who, on hearing of your death, will clear the porn out of your house before your parents get round.

That aint so bad now is it? I for one love Coupling. It is witty, funny and hilarious at the same time. For those who share my opinion,there are only 3 words: "Lesbian Spank Inferno" (a Google search on that ONLY gives us the Coupling episode so it is work-safe to read more:)

Patsy and Eddie But of course the prime example of US networks being chicken-shit is that they wanted a re-make of Absolutely Fabulous because the references to drugs, sex and alcohol were too much for the poor American audience. Roseanne Barr bougth the rights to make it but after scrapping all the sex and drugs jokes, there was nothing left. Oh they bleeped out rude words in the British Original version. But they left in "Bollocks" because they could not decide if it was rude or not. So Ab Fab was aired on BBCAmerica and Comedy Central. And of course the American re-make died a quiet death. Nobody heard from it again. Because the original is simply better.

Lindy and Tom in Gimme Gimme Gimme The only really funny and original American sit-com I have ever seen was/is "Will and Grace". But then again, did the BBC not have Gimme Gimme Gimme? What was that about again? Oh hang on...... about a single woman living with a gay man......


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