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05 October 2003

And again

Another day, another claim from cast of accusers - www.smh.com.au

And still, this man wil win the elections in California I fear. The people get the leaders they deserve. I am all for more influence for people in politics. But one can ask the question: is there a limit to what 'the people' know? Do the people know what is good for them? Why does Arnie win? Not because he is a great experienced politician with bright ideas that will deal with the financial chaos in California. He wins, if he does, because he is Arnie, the Actor. It is why Reagan won and it is why that wrestler (Jesse Holmes or something) won before.

People claim they want more influence. But do they deserve more influence if they proceed to elect utter idiots to office? Here in The Netherlands, people in the recent years say they have had enough of the Established Politicians. They felt it was time for change. So in the last local elections, they voted en masse for small, new and local parties. People did not have a clue what these people stood for but hey: they said they were different and that they would actually kick some ass. So they got the vote. The result? For example in The Hague, a local party got eleced into city council. The memeber are ex-homeless people who spend their party allowence, meant for office-supplies and so on, on comicbooks ('professional litterature'), Ray Ban sunglasses ('to look representative') and radiographic Mini Coopers.

So instead of political change, the people voted for a bunch of weirdo's. Anything as long as it wasn't the politicians that had been inpower for years. People did not think about it, they blindly followed the idiot who screamed loudest.

It is a tactic Hitler used: target the weak point of people. People want to feel they have a say in things but at the same time,they want to have the feeling that somebody is taking care of things for them, someone to give all responsability to.

PimFortuyn came along here in The Netherlands. He pointed out the things people had been quiet about for years: immigration problems. So without questioning his further beliefs, he became so popular that he was assasinated weeks before the parliamentary elections. Yet his party went from 0 seat so 28 seats (out of the 150). So they went into government. And the cabinet lasted a few months. And every day there was a scandal around the party. Because NOBODY in the party had any experience. They were businessmen, philantropists, farmers, socialists, and general rif-raf that wanted a carreer. So after a few months in government, the party fell apart and there were new elections. And they lost 20 seats. Now they have 6 left. And what have they achieved?After all the yelling and screaming about political change and how they would rock the political establishment? NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. They are now just as much part of that establishment as the people they despised.

Personally, I prefer to have an experienced carreer politician who knows his stuff. Sure, they are by far not as exciting as those opportunists who suddenly take an interest in something and when they get bored, they dump their little toy again.

Probably shortsighted of me, but if Californians elect Arnold as their govenour, I will draw the conclusion that the majority of Californians are stupid, blinded by glitz and incapable of making decicions for themselves. Just like children: They do not know what is good for them sothey need someone to take their power away and say: You can not decide anymore because you make irrisponsible choices. I am not saying Arnie is like Hitler, but Hitler rose to power because the people elected him. And PARLIAMENT stripped itself of all power and gave it to Hitler.

I should learn to write in a more structured way. However, I hope this makes sense. It is a fascinating paradox that the electorate creates for itself. It elects leaders, then starts hating them, on the rebound, they elect stupid opportunists, who proceed to make a mess of things so people say: see, politicians are not to be trusted.


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