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25 October 2003

Back to work

On Monday I have to return to work. Back to the hell-hole where they fired 42 people this week. The place where people are job hunting in work time, calling their legal councel, crying, working and pointing fingers at eachother for who is to blame for the misery.
Great. Just what I need after loosing my granddad completely unexpected and after spending a few days with my grandmother, trying to help her out with getting her new, single, life on the road. How sad. I left her this afternoon and I had to cry. I did not want to leave. But she has to be alone at some point, she has to move on with life. But I was hoping that it did not have to be today. Not just yet. So I offered her to stay. But she refused, saying she would need to be alone at some point, to face the loneliness and sadness. But not today. Not just yet.
But I left. She told me to go. And I now understand how parents feel about their children: you don't want them to hurt. Because it hurts you.


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