08 October 2003

Bush bothers me again

Executive privilege seen as leak-case option

Members of George W. Bush's administration leaked the identity of an undercover CIA agent to the press.
That agent was the wife of one of the administration's political foes. Namely, the man who told Bush Saddam was NOT buying uranium in Niger. Yet Bush chose to ignore that and mentioned it anyway.
Knowingly leaking the identity of an undercover agent puts the lives of the agent and her sources in danger and is a violation of federal law, punishable by up to ten years in prison.

So, right after all this, Bush promised he would find the person who leaked the name. Yeah sure. Now he says: I am not sure we will ever find the culprit. After all, a lot of people leak information in this city.

Unbelievable that people elected this man to office. On the other hand, the hopeful thing about it is that his popularity is going down, down down. I thought, after 9/11 that Bush was up for certain re-election. But thank God he made a mess of Afghanistan and Iraq so now his re-election is not a given at all. Thank God. Maybe we can get back to bringing peace to the Middle East and Israel after this idiot is gone.

However, to America's credit, they are not ALL stupid, eventhough they elected Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger into office. People for the American Way sounds extremely Right wing and Christiany but is in fact everything but that. Kinda funny that people who would use Google for example to search for 'the American way" (read: right wing, christian, anti-abortion, anti-homosexuals) would end up at this site. But this is MY kind of American waY: critical of the Bush administration and evrything affiliated with it.

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