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10 October 2003

The Catholic Church has gone mad

In the BBC programme Panorama, a number of catholic leaders say that condoms do not prevent transfer of HIV/AIDS or some major STD's. Come again????? (No pun intended!)

Are these people completely mad? In a time where young people are the largest group contracting the virus, a church says dangerous things like that? I am considering not watching Panorama on Sunday. I am not a fan of the church, especially the catholic church, at the best of times, but I fear stones will be thrown at my TV set when I hear the Archbishop of Nairobi say that condoms are to blame for the spread of HIV/AIDS and that little girls who get raped by their fathers should carry their babies and put them up for adoption, rather than have an abortion at a very early stage.

I am disgusted by the fact that it is not just the Pope who thinks like this but more and more poor catholics too. How can an institution claim they are helping people when they condem people to death and to having children they do not want?
I am not an strict atheïst but I believe at this point that Catholic teachings do the world more harm than good.

More than ever, the church has lost touch with the rest of the world. Instead of being a safe haven, it is becoming a dangerous place to be.


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