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15 October 2003

Death on demand

Tomorrow around this time my grandfather will have passed away I hope. There has been no change in his situation since he had his heartattack on Monday. Doctors have to wait 72 hours tosee if there is any improvement. After that, they switch of the ventilator. That 72 hours is tomorrow around 4pm. He breathes on his own they think so after they switch off the machine, he might live for a few more hours before he dies. I hope he doesn't. I hope he passes away quickly and peacefully.

The whole family rallies together around nan. We laugh about granddad's funny quirks, we cry because he won't be there anymore this time tomorrow. And me, I am home tonight, getting some sleep, backto the hospital in the morning. What better to take your mind of things than a new Weblog Lay-out?

Thanks Tom;)

Jane is coming to see me on Friday. So hopefully she can be there for the funeral. No matter how sad it is things have gone the way they did,but I am glad he did not die Mondayafternoon on the street. At least this way we have a few days to get used to the idea.

Sleep well Opa, we will take care of nan.


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