31 October 2003


The broadcaster where I work is as good as bankrupt. Tough luck for those 42 people who get fired. But I still have a job. But I might be leaving soon. To England, to livewith Jane. But nothing is 100% definate yet. Of course I am calling around for things I need to organise. So I called my healthinsurance.............. Turns out I am insured through my work AND with health insurance I took out myself. They never told me I had insurance already. So, I paid double for something I never used.

In an attempt to clear up the confusion, I called the insurance company that my boss has insured me. Shame they have no record ofme being insured there at all. Huh? My payment slip for the past 2 years tells me I have been paying the insurance premium every month!!!! (yes yes, I should have spotted that I was paying it and made a phonecall. But I didn't. A payslip is full of things they take out of your salary so I did not notice it)

So now I am owed some 400 euro by my boss: he took the premium out of my salary but he never registered me with the insurance company.

But how do you get money back froman almost bankrupt company?

Bugger. How difficult can it be to run a financial administration? And where is the money they took out? No wonder they are about to break down: some idiot has been running the finances there!!!

Update: Just got email. I will get all the money back with my salary of November. Haha! Never made such easy money by making 1 single phonecall. I am pleased. I wonder if I need ot pay taxes over that. I suppose I do.

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