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09 October 2003

I love my love

Do you hate it too? people who fill their life-logs with nothing but soppy stuff about how they love their wife/lover/boyfriend/girlfriend? I do. But now I finally understand why people write about it. Because I will admit to the world: I am in love.

Yay. It does make it feel nicer when everybody knows. I wonder however, if people can tell when they see me. I am bloody radiating at the moment. I just booked asurprise weekend to go and see her. (I live in Holland, she lives in the UK) Bit of a shame that I could not keep it a surprise for more than a shocking 5(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) minutes. I was bouncing on the telephone so she wanted to know why I sounded so smug.

Bunny Factor 15 right now!

[/soppy lifelog]


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