11 October 2003

Is it sex or is it art

Today I bought a DVD of the movie "Caligula". I had seen part of it when I was young (!!!!!!), I think around 16. All I could remember was there was an awful lot of explicit sex in it. But what the story was? Did not know. I wanted to see it back then because I am a big fan of Helen Mirren.
So I came across it today: the double DVD for only 10 Euros.

Now I can see why I did not remember ANYTHING about the film. Eventhough there is not JUST sex in the film (there is a storyline and quite an intresting one), I think I can be forgiven for only remembering the totally explicit sex. Think porn, hardcore porn.

I am reminded of my "Fight Club-dilemma". I hated that film. People raved about it how the violence was not gratuitous but useful to the point of the film. I never understood that: I got the point of the film even without the sickening violence that sometimes literally made my stomach turn. The same with "Caligula". I understand what the movie is about, I see the point. I am not sure that needs to be illustrated with cum-shots (I am not joking. In a mainstream film with people like Helen Mirren and Peter O'Toole).

These days, the film is considered a strange part of filmhistory. And the film is actually quite intriguing. I wonder if Helen Mirren would still play in a film like that these days. Whilst watching, I was constantly listening for the sound of footsteps from my flatmates, so that I could turn it off quickly if they happened to come in. I know the film is not porn but one could be mistaken if walking in during a certain number of scenes. I felt like the bloke who REALLY reads Playboy Magazine because of the great interviews: YEAH RIGHT!!!

Interesting detail: I bought this DVD with vouchers my nan gave me for my birthday. Not sure this is what she had in mind.

Did I like the film? Well, not sure. I find the story of Caligula very interesting. Desperate man who wanted to find out how far he could go. And to his stunning surprise, he could do almost anything. Nobody questioned him. Simply because he was the Ceasar. Interesting premise. Of course, he ended up murdered, as most Emperors did in those days.

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