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08 October 2003

Language Freak

I have a colleague at work who returns my emails with all the errors corrected. She pisses me off big time but she means only to help me. Fair enough. But still. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. However, this bloke is even worse and therefor much better. He complains about the sloppyness of the makers of the SYdney Morning Herald Quick Crossword. Things that bug him most is giving half the answer away in the clue already:

7 Down: Inherited family name (7)
It's a SURNAME, yeah.

But his best objection is this one:

13 Down:Woman who sells goods in a store (9)

the answer to which I was horrifed to discover was SALESGIRL. "Woman" becomes salesGIRL? What decade are we living in?

Hehehe. I will be reading more of this log in the future. And I solemly swear not to kill Debby when she returns my emails corrected AGAIN.


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