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10 October 2003

The lie is worse than the crime

It is official now She trips over the lie, not over the truth.
In one of my first posts I mentioned one of the Dutch princes wants to marry a girl who was involved with a criminal when she was about 20. Mabel Wisse Smit lied about the true nature and now the Dutch parliament has decided NOT to give permission to the marriage. This means the prince can no longer become king (he was second in line) if he decides to marry this girl. And he has said he wants to marry her.

In the past 3 weeks, there have been reports in the press about the girl, every day. Once source says she DID shag the criminal, others say she did not, others say she did shag but did not know he was a murderer and drug smuggler and so on. All kinds of fellow criminals have said that they never saw the girl in company of the man, and if they did, they never saw them intimate. All in all not very flattering for a girl who oculd become queen if the king dies.

So, if she had spoken the truth right away, this would not have happened. She should have said: Yes, I knew this man, we were friends, not lovers, I was 20 years old and it only lasted 3 months until I realisedwhat he did for a living."
Case closed.

But now, she will be damaged for the rest of her life. And our queen looks like a fool too. She announced the engagement BEFORE the Prime Minister, by law responsible for the Royal Family in Holland, could check the background of the girl.
It is intersting to see how most people on the street think they should just get married. So it seems that as long she is not a member of the Royal Household, people are OK with this.

Rumours have been for years that this prince is Gay. So it is a surprise that he wants to continue with this mariage: it would be the perfect cop-out. He announces his marriage, it gets cancelled and he remains single the rest of his life, cleared from the rumour of being gay.
But he wants to marry her after all.

So, once again, it is better to be HONEST about mistakes. The lie can be more damaging than the truth.


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