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28 October 2003

No sex, no food and no impure thoughts

The Ramadan has started. This means that Muslims are not allowed to eat, have sex and think about sex until sunset. Amongst others. So for the news today, I had to film a report about the prostitutes in the city: do they see a decline in business during the day now that their muslim-customers stay away? Indeed he said. Some 60% even!!! But the strange thing is: the drop in customers happens at nighttime. And at nighttime, people are allowed to have and think about sex agani. So why do they say away at night? Possibly becasue after sundown, muslims are usually eating with their families during the ramadan. Can you imagine: the whole family is there except Achmed. Because he has gone to a hooker. Hehehe.

But then: not allowed to have stimulating thoughts? How can you ask a man not to think about sex during the day??? Even I can not do that, let alone a man. Did scientists not say men think about sex some 250 times a day on average? How can Allah ask this of his followers? If they manage, I have the utmost respect for them. I somehow doubt it though.

The owners of sexshops also reported a decline in business during ramadan. I have been in eroticshops before. Some are better than others. The seedy ones are uite disgusting: they have videorooms where men wank for an hour and then go home. Eewwww. Christine LeDuc is a nice exception here: staff that know what they are talking about, helpful and the shops look very welcoming. So, I have seen my share of dildo's and buttplugs. But what I saw today completely outclassed my imagination. Buttplugs with a diameter of (not kidding)12 - 15 centimeters!!!!! I just stared. And thought: AAAUUUUUUUUUU!!!


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