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08 October 2003

Oh my God

It is too scary for words but Arnold has indeed won. Californians get what they deserve. Please don't let them complain in 2 years time about a govenour who has ruined the state.

I have to admit: Arnold is taking a big risk. If he fails, he fails big time and if he fails bigtime, his moviecarreer is sort of over aswell.

I can not stand the sight of that man. He just looks so stupid, the embodyment of every predjudice there is about bodybuilders.


Californians have managed to confirm all my predjudices about Americans. Had they elected Gray Davis, I would have applauded them. Not that Gray (what's in a name) is such a good choice but anything is better than a demagogue. Alas, Californians did not seize this opportunity.


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