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23 October 2003

Taking care

Will be gone for 3 days. Looking after nan. Who, surprisingly, has no internet. My nan is a fabulous woman. Openminded like nobody her age I have ever met. I told her that my ex-girlfriend is getting married. To a man. My nan smiled and said: "I did not know she was Bi. Congratulate her from me." Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, to my nan, it IS that simple. I don't know if she understands all the emotions and implications behind having a 'different' sexual preference, but she simply doesn't care. As long as people are happy.
I told her she was a fabulous nan. I mean, how many people her age would indeed be genuinely interested in what her lesbians granddaughter's ex-girlfriend does?

Now that nan is a widow, I shall visit her more often and do nice things with her: take her out to town for dinner or lunch etc.


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