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07 October 2003


I am not sure what kind of blog this should be: Lifelog, 'opinionated blog', linkdump....a combination of allof these? Hmm......yeah, I think I will go for the combination.

So,since we are going for the combination, I should tell you that things are not so good at my job. Our former company director has squandered hundreds ofthousands of euros and now we have to fire 25 - 30 people. And honestly, I don't really care if it is me or not. Reorganisations really bring staff moral down. We have been through months and months fo 'come on people, let's put in a little extra'. And then the listening figures for the radiostation would come in. Andthey dropped, and dropped and dropped.

No matter how much we tried to implement the theories of the director's darling Valerie Geller. It did not work. Because they forgot one detail: You can not just put an American radio format on the Dutch market. The medialandscape here is completely different. So, after massive investments, welost all our listeners in 3 months after instroducing a new all news/all talk format. And now? All the money was wasted becasue they are turning it all back again. Money down the drain. So, NO Mr Editor-in-Chief, when you encourage your staff to work that extra bit harder the coming weeks, we will not do it. We can't. We have done that for the past three months when you asked us to. It did not work. So leave us alone for a while, sit inyour office and maybe YOU should leave.


Oh, that feels better. You could make head nor tale of it? Never mind.


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