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26 October 2003

Why the hell are you there?

I thought George Bush said America went to Iraq to help the Iraqi people and to liberate them. Then why the hell are American troops now basically at war with the Iraqi people?

Rocket attack hits Baghdad hotel

If they try to shoot your representative, it is a hint that they don't want you there. Get out where you never should have been in the first place. Let other countries solve this. Namely the ones that have no big economic interests, or at least do not have the power to monopolise business (read: those who opposed the war). America does not want Europe to step in. Why not? Because hey, what if all those nice big fat oildeals do NOT go to American companies after they have to compete in an open market with others. Can't have that now can we? No, instead, just ask the world to give YOU 87 billion dollars that you promise you will spend on rebuilding Iraq?

That 87 billion is easily spent if it turns out that you give orders to American companies that are 15% more expensive than other companies. But hey, the others are not owned by the vice-president so they don't stand a chance.

George Bush is an even bigger disaster for the world than I feared when he was elected. I thought he would be taking America down with him. But he is in fact taking the whole Middle East down with him. And stability in Asia on the side. Maybe some day he can drink too much again and drive his car off the road? I for one would not miss him.


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