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08 November 2003

2 days in England

I am in England. It is 8am on my 3rd day here. So far it has been an interesting experience. Jane has, erhm...interesting flatmates to say the least. On my first night here, on Thursday, one of her flatmates came home so incredibly drunk that other flatmates spent the night in her bedroom because they were afraid she wouldn't wake up anymore. After a good talk, we came to the conclusion her drink was spiked in the pub. Lesson 1: DON'T TAKE DRINKS FROM STRANGERS IN THE PUB. She was lucky though: her friends saw her talking to this man and dragged her away from him and, much to his dismay, took her home. He can only have been planning something bad because if a woman is no longer able to stand on her two feet, what man would object to her being taken home by her friends? Only a man who is planning something really nasty with an incapacatated woman if you ask me.

But she is fine again now. Bit shocked. Reported it to the police. But she is fine. She was very very lucky.

But there is more to this house.
7 girls. One eats when she is stressed. Eats too much when she is stressed. And spends her life apologising for even existing. Pisses me off when people apologise for simply walking in to a room. So when she was binging again last night, I played innocent and said: wow, you eat a lot. She said I should leave her alone and that she was fine and I should not worry. But hell, all she did was eat. And then the flatmates sit in the living room together, looking at eachother, knowing this girl is 'occupying' the upstairs toilet. WHat can they do about this? Tell her she needs help? Tell her she eats to much? She already knows that and is, apparently, in therapy. So what do you do about someone who dominates the house? Who completely fills the place with her emotional presence? Chuck her out? That destroys her. Tell her she needs help? She already knows that. Yell at her? That destroys her.

And the worst thing about 7 people living in 1 house, is that nobody here seems to want to clear away their junk. The kitchen has almost no space left for all the dirty cups, mugs and plates. So I did the dishes when I was bored yesterday. But then nobody feels the need to clear away the massive pile of CLEAN dishes either. So iit is one big fuck off mess. I looked at all that and I vowed to Jane that I would take her away form this all.

Later today, we are going to have a look at a room. Just so that I know how much money i will need to spend once I live here. To get an idea of what kind of places are on offer. We were supposed to have a look at another room last night. But when we called to tell him we were coming, he said it wasn't a good time because erhm....he...erhm..he had the police there 'for a minor problem' and could we make it Sunday? No thanks. We kindly declined.


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