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15 November 2003

Abortion issue hijacked by right-wing

On Green Fairy a link to a good article about abortion and the right-wing religeous nuts who make so much noise that there seems to be no middle ground left. The main issue is of course the qustion: why is abortion murder and murdering an abortion-doctor an act that will get you in to heaven?

The world religions all insist that human life is sacred and inviolable. The Christian right believes that abortion in any form is one of the most brutal manifestations of secular modernity. Fundamentalists are entirely unmoved by the argument that a woman has the right to choose, since it smacks of feminism, which they regard as another of the great evils of our time. No religion has in practice been good for women, and in adopting a pro-choice position, some liberal Christians are beginning to redress centuries of oppression by taking women's rights seriously.

The Guardian - The Sacret Facts of Life


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