10 November 2003

And the results are.....

Back from 5 days with Jane. I HATE leaving. Eventhough I know I will be back soon (in 3 weeks as a matter of fact), I still hate leaving. Spent most of the weekend hanging out together as they call it. I went to look for rooms to rent and came home with a bike instead......? Oh well, at least I now have a wonderful Raleigh Chinook bike to move myself around on once I move to Leamington. I am convinced the thing was stolen as I bought it from a guy on the street. He was waiting in front of a 2nd hand junk store to sell it and I said I was loking for a bike. He asked for 45 Pounds, I offered him 35 and the deal was done. Heheheeh. Cool bike with front wheel suspension.

What else did I do? Well, I had a good look around:

Leamington Spa: Properties to rent: Belvoir Lettings
Rooms in Leamington Spa

And now I realise I will not have to worry too much about finding ANY kind of place to live in Leamington Spa. I am quite happy to live in a student flat for a few months until I get my life sorted out. Order of importance:
1) Place to live
2) Job (any kind of job, even at local pub would be good)
3) Get a car (to enhance job prospects for 'real job')
4) Live with Jane (hopefully September this year)

Obviously this does not mean I am not putting Jane on top of the list. it just means that it makes sense to organise MY life first before I can start sharing it with someone else.

All looks pretty organised if you ask me. Scary!!

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