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04 November 2003

Anti-Israel = Anti Semitism?

75% of all Dutch people believe Israel is the biggest threat to world peace. The European Commission says it is very unhappy with the resluts. Why? Is there something wrong with thinking this? Israel responded by saying the poll was flawed. Cabinet Minister Shalom says it is an error in the report that 59% of Europeans see Israel en not countries like Syria, Iran, North-Korea or Afgehnistan as the biggest threat to the world. I interpret that as: he refuses to see something is wrong with his country.

And of course the Israeli Minister of Diaspora-Affairs(???) immideately said it is proof of growing antisemitism in the world. Well, correct me if I am wrong, but Israel is not the same as "all Jews". I have nothing against the state of Israel as such. Nothing against Jews as such. I have massive problem with the way they seem to claim the exclusive rights to suffering. Whenever someone critisises Israel, all they have to do is scream "Anti-semitism" and the whole world feels sorry for them. The result is a ridiculous fear by world leaders to be qualified as anti-semitic. And so Israel can continue to claim the right to defend themselves. And they can continue to do so by killing innocent Palestinian citizens. All Israel has to do is say: But they are terrorists. Or they are breeding ground for terrorists. I think Israel sees every Palestinian woman as dangerous. After all, she could give birth to a terrorist so why not kill the women and children before they become terrorists?

And the world just watches and accepts it. And whenever the UN wants a resolution against Israel, America blocks it. Because in every resolution, America wants to mention that Palestinians are terrorists. Why can the UN not accept a resolution that says: Israel should stop the bombing and killing of innocent civilians? Because that is what Israel does.
Sure, it is what terrorists do aswell, but why the hell protest against Patestinian terrorism and then more or less sanction Israeli terrorism? The answer is simple: nobody wants to be called anti-semitic. It seems to be the worst thing you can call someone. And Israel knows this. And plays this trump card over and over and over again.
The sheer existence of Israel is indeed a threat to world peace. Does not mean I think it should be destroyed. But it is a fact that Israel causes a lot of war in the Middle East. And that they are a bunch of bloody hypocrites. Just like all those countries around them. They are no better or worse. They build a wall to keep Palestinian terrorists out. SO they say. But they build the wall with a few detours so that they can include some of the most fertile land. Land that is OCCUPIED TERRITORY.

I don't support Palestinian terrorism. I hate it as much as Israeli state terrorism. And calling Israel on it is NOT the same as being anti-Jewish. It has nothing to do with it.

So when 75% of the Dutch people say they see Israel as a threat to world peace, it is not the same as saying 75% see Jews as a threat to world peace. I shits me to no end that the whole world kow-tows to Israel. And George Bush has made things so much worse. He is blinded by his own Christianity. At least under Clinton there was hope for peace because he had the guts to tell Israel to stop being a terrorist itself. Let's pray that Bush does not get re-elected.


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