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21 November 2003

Dear Mister Bush

The English newspaper The Guardian has asked 60 people to write as letter to George Bush, now that he is in the United Kingdom. Maybe he picks up a newspaper and reads The Letters. But then again, he granted an exclusive interview to the tabloid The Sun so I don't think we can expect Bush to read at all realy.

And for those who still claim 'ordinary Iraqis' are happy that Saddam is gone and welcome America, read this:

Dear Mr Bush,

Iraqis do not believe that you sent hundreds of thousands of troops to their country and spent billions of dollars in order to liberate them from tyranny. Nor do they believe that Saddam Hussein was even remotely threatening to the US or its interests. They see you as an occupier, and they will deal with you the way dignified and stoical people have always dealt with arrogant aggressors. You are failing to divide Iraqis and your imperial project is a failure.

The US is a great and resourceful nation, and it has many options in dealing with difficult situations. The best option for Iraq is to withdraw the troops immediately. The US can then gain Iraqi goodwill by providing genuine aid to an independent nation. The funds recently approved by congress could be spent on helping the process of rehabilitation of the Iraqi public sector and for development programmes formulated by competent Iraqi authorities in a completely transparent manner.

Let me tell you that the people of Iraq see through you, and now see the US armed forces as jittery teenagers. They pity them and are not afraid of them. You hide behind young boys and girls and raise the spectre of 9/11 to try to win your election. Do not tell me about responsibility for civil peace in Iraq, because your policy is to foment conflict. It is better for everyone if you leave Iraq.
Kamil Mahdi
Iraqi opposition politician to Saddam Hussein, living in exile in Britain


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