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18 November 2003

Let's move people

Massachusetts backs gay marriage.

Unfortunately it is not quite that great. The Supreme Judicial Court has ruled that banning gays from marriage is unlawful. But of course, only according to the current laws. Courts in Hawaii, Alaska and Vermont have also previously ruled that banning same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, but no state has yet issued marriage licences to gay couples. In Hawaii and Alaska, the rulings were followed by the adoption of constitutional amendments limiting marriage to heterosexual couples.

So I am not cheering yet. I am hoping it won't come to that. But these days, America seems to be governed by a bunch of raving lunies. It seems that for some reason, most Americans are fairly relaxed about most things but you only see the extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists stand up and yell. And they are heard. And it pisses me off.

I read somewhere: Bush stole the elections by promising to be a compassionate conservative. He was elected by the Middle Man. He does not have the mandate to be a fucking right-wing fundamentalist. Exactly what I feel.


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