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11 November 2003


Remember Jessica Lynch? The US Soldier who was supposedly shot down during a brave fight in which she was said to have defended her batalion until the bitter end? Rember how that turned out to be rubbish?
And remember how she was rescued in a fabulously brave rescue, filmed by a TV crew. And how it turned out that the whole rescue was nothing but a massive PR stunt because the hospital was as good as deserted and that the Iraqui doctors had tried to hand Jessica over to the Americans but the US Soldiers shot at the ambulance Jessica was in? Well, that same Jessica Lynch is once again used as a pawn in the battle for good PR in Iraq. The battle that the US Army is loosing fast. Very fast.

Iraqi doctors rubbish claim that Lynch was raped

In I Am a Soldier, Too: The Jessica Lynch Story, published yesterday, the author, Rick Bragg, said medical records indicated Private Lynch, who was evacuated by helicopter from a Nasiriyah hospital in a US commando raid, had been raped.
"The records also show that she was a victim of anal sexual assault," the authorised biography said.
"The records do not tell whether her captors assaulted her almost lifeless, broken body after she was lifted from the wreckage, or if they assaulted her and then broke her bones into splinters until she was almost dead.
"But Jessi remembers none of this. When she awoke in the military hospital, it was during treatment, not torture. When she came to, the cruelties were over."

So, who exactly knows that she was raped if Jessica herself does not remember anything?


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