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28 November 2003

Strange days

These are strange days at work. Today is the last day of the 42 people that lost their job. Most of them have been leaving over the past week, saying goodbye, taking a few days off as to avoid the Big Goodbye today. TOnight there is a dinner with about 25 people and after that about 50 people have said to come for drinks in the local Irish pub.

I still have my job. Monday marks a new beginning for those who are left. Can we still make great radio and television with the people we have left? Can we still motivate ourselves after such a devastating blow? Especially since we might go belly-up anyway. On December 17th, the County government will decide if they will give us 4.5 million Euro to survive and to give money to thos ewho got fired. If we don't get any money, it is the end of regional radio and television in The Hague. The seat if government will be without a regional broadcaster.

People have ben angry, accepting, sad, down hearted, hopeful, spiteful, jealous and resentful ever since the sackings were announced. Almost all 42 people have filed protest against their sacking so it will be a long courtbattle, costing the company more money. I can understand it from an individual point of view. But it is dragging down those who were lucky enough to keep their job.

Last night, on the radio, we had a short section where those who stay said goodbye to those who leave. The rpesenter, who got sacked, cried, I cried when I heard it. And then a listener called to say it was so moving. And an hour later, a woman rang the doorbel of the studios. She had heard the goodbye on the radio and wanted to wish us all a lot of wisdom. She had hopped on the bus personally to wish us all strength. That was so sweet of her. It wil be a very emotional evening tonight.

I am off for a week at the end of this day. Go to Jane and put it all out of my head. Hopefully. And when I come back on December 8, there will be a smaller team, that has to work harder to produce the same quality. I hope we will make it. But right now, all I want to do is go home, have a sleep, and then enjoy the evening with colleagues and soon to be ex-colleagues. I wish all of them well.


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