25 November 2003

Thank God some Americans have a brain

The Bubble of American Supremacy :
"The Bush doctrine [...] is built on two pillars: the United States will do everything in its power to maintain its unquestioned military supremacy; and the United States arrogates the right to pre-emptive action. In effect, the doctrine establishes two classes of sovereignty: the sovereignty of the United States, which takes precedence over international treaties and obligations; and the sovereignty of all other states, which is subject to the will of the United States. This is reminiscent of George Orwell's Animal Farm: all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

George Soros knows what he is talking about. A millionaire with a brilliant ghostwriter I think. But still.
President Bush declared war on terrorism, and the nation lined up behind its President. Then the Bush Administration proceeded to exploit the terrorist attack for its own purposes. It fostered the fear that has gripped the country in order to keep the nation united behind the President, and it used the war on terrorism to execute an agenda of American supremacy.

Of course the man was heavily critisised for saying this. Mostly by Americans who think their country can do nothing wrong.

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