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20 November 2003

'We' are going to Portugal

So The Netherlands beat Scotland with 6 - 0 last night. After losing to Scotland 1 - 0 on Saturday. Of course I am pleased. But not happy. I am please beause they won with a host of new players. Most of the arrogant bastards who have beenin this team for too long had been sidelined. And with good results. And so I am pleased. For the young lads. Who were deemed not good enough by the voach. Because he believed his 'old squad' would qualify for Euro 2004. And only in the last popssible chance, the coach admitted that the old guys had let him down. And that he needed to change the squad. And he did. And now of course he claims he had always planned to do this. He was not one match (1-0 in Scotland) too late with the young players. No. He was just in tmie. Because they won.

They say the winning coach is always right. He is not. And he knows it. He should leave. Bugger off!!


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