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23 December 2003

Customer Service

The scene: Tuesday morning, 5:49am. Train station, ready to get on a train to take Jane to the Airport.
What happened: Bloke comes out with a pile of fresh newspapers.They are free newspapers so you can just take one if you want to scan the main news. I reach out for a paper. The man doesn't look up and says: 'That is yesterday's, but if you want it, go ahead.'

I say thanks mateand wait for himto unpack his first pile of today's paper. 5:50 and the train leaves at 5:51. I ask the man if I can get a new one from the pile he has in his hands. He does not answer, lifts a pile a fresh papers and puts it in the rack. I lean forward to pick one up but the man pushes me away. He unties the rope around the pile. 5:50:30. 30 seconds and the trainleaves. The man does not look up. I ask him for a paper, after all, he has unloaded half of them into the rack so what is his trouble in handing me one. He does not look up and says: 'You can get it somewhere else. I am still busy here.' I tell him my train is about to leave. He shrugs and says: 'Not my problem.' I fume and push him aside and grab a paper and run for the train.

Some people deserve to be without a job. Others don't. I will laugh if that man ever loses hos job. What a fucking arsehole. How hard is it to simply be polite? After all, it is a free paper so he does not have to do ANYTHING, not take money from me, nothing. All he had to do was step aside so that I could take one and run for the train.

I suppose the man is an insect during the rest of his day; trampled on by other people; by his wife; by his children. No respect for this man because all he does is unpack free papers in the morning. So I suppose the only joy this low-life has in life is pissing travellers off; people who actually have a real job. Unlike this low insect not even worth to be stepped on with my expensive Salomon-boots.

Sorry. Am I being vindictive? Me? Never.


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