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30 December 2003

Drunken sex

How are we ever going to have drunken sex I wonder. Jane has not even finished her 1st glass of red wine and I am already on my 4th. Excuse me while I go and pour some alcohol down the throat of my lover.

Update: We decided to watch Private Benjamin with Goldie Hawn instead. I believe there is indeed something called Lesbian Bed Death.* Or rather, Lesbian Sofa Death would be more appropriate tonight. Or any other night. There is something about my sofa. Because between sitting on the sofa and ending up in bed, it always goes from "Lets have sex" via "Let's watch that movie!" to "Yawn, I am tired, let's go to sleep."

Should I be worried that we are now on an average of only once a day? Maybe we need therapy before it all goes from bad to worse. Will sleep on it........again.

* And you thought I just made that term up didn't you? Go on! Admit it!


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