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21 December 2003


No other word for it. Watching Louis Theroux and the Nazis on the BBC. 11-year old girls with their hand in the air giving a nazi-salute. Playing a computer game called Ethnic Cleansing where a skinhead kills blacks in a ghetto.

I want to say lots moer about this. But there is nothing in my head. This is the kind of show that you watch and when the credits roll, you sit back and wonder if you actualy really saw that. Are there really people who are that blind and stupid?

I can not put it better than the Radio Times:

There is so much that's poisonous and disturbing in these 90 minutes, it's hard to know where to start. Perhaps with two sweet, blonde 11-year-old girls, Lamb and Lynx, who enjoy playing a game called Ethnic Cleansing on their computer and dancing around a swastika drawn on their kitchen floor. The girls are stars on the neo-Nazi circuit because of their singing act, with songs extolling racial wars and hatred.


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