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06 December 2003

Home again

I don't want to be here. Here is in Holland. Jane and I got here this morning after a hellish night. We flew out of London Stasted at 6.10am. But since there was no trains or busses going there at that time in the morning, we have spent the night at the airport. Darn I am tired. Oh well, makes for a good sleep.

Tomorrow Feyenoord (my favorite football team) plays ADO Den Haag. Should be a walk-over. I like that Jane is coming along with me. She understands how important football is:) And Monday I get back to work. I shudder to think what it is like, now that 42 people have been fired and left and the sword of Damocles is hanging above all our heads. On December 17, there will be a decision on our survival or our downfal. UNtil then, I would prefer to stay at home, under the covers. With Jane.


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