24 December 2003

It will be lonely this Christmas...

Most people with a long distance relationship try to be together at Christmas. Not Jane and me. Jane has gone to her parents for Christmas. And I am still here. Jane will be back on 27 December. So we will be apart. And the house is cold. And lonely.

Interesting how quickly you can get used to someone benig around you all the time. I live in a very small student flat. I have 2 rooms and share my bathroom and kitchen with my flatmates. So I thought after being together for about a month: yay, some more space. But after I came back frmo the airport yesterday, I thought the bed was too big and my sofa too empty. And I had only been alone for 4 hours by then.

I am pathetic. I am turning in to everything I always said I would never be: a sad, pathetic love-struck almost 30-something who clings to her lover. Ugh. The positive thing is that Jane fears she clings to me too much and I fear I cling to her too much. And neither of us is bothered by the clingy-ness of the other. So that is not really a problem........

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