13 December 2003

Read the book? Rather watch the film!

The BBC had a bright idea: Let the nation decide on the best book ever. For weeks The Big Read encouraged people to read. Famous Britons pleaded for their favorite books. And now the finale is coming. And what is the result of all this?

The Times today writes that the sale of DVD's of the books discussed in The Big Read has gone up spectacularly!! So instead of people thinking: wow, that sounds great, I need to read that book, they thought: oh great, I need to watch that film!!!!!!

Interesting. Not sure that was what the BBC had in mind. It certanily made me pick up my copy of Wuthering Heights, look at it and think..............nah, read it 10 times now, can't be arsed to read it again. Will watch the film. One of the MANY films;)

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