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12 December 2003

She was always beautiful

It is always bad when someone you love gets hurt. It can make me cry. The injustice of a loved one hurt is too much...... Jane makes me cry. She used to think she wasn't worth much. Just the thought that she was hurt before I knew her. Just the thought that she did not like herself much. She is a beautiful person (not that I am biased...........) and I don't believe that she was a completely different person back then. She was always beautiful. She always had the potential to make someone extremely happy. She was always beautiful.

And so last night we were watching a film on TV, and I looked at her. She had her arms around me, lying on my sofa, I looked at her.... and I cried. And again when we were in bed, ready to sleep, I cried. Because it makes me angry that someone as wonderful as her has at any time in her life felt worthless and depressed. It feels fundamentally wrong. unfair. And unnessecary. Because she was always beautiful.


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