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12 December 2003

To work or not to work

Still not sure if my work will be here by next Wednesday. Wednesday they decide on an extra 5 million euro to save us. If we do not get subsidised, we die. On Thursday morning. It is strange working here. People are advising each other to take all their personal belongings home because in case of a bankruptcy, everything that is in the building will become part of a financial construction and wuill be confiscated by those to whom we owe large amounts of money. So I shall take my guitars and amplifier home. Because it also means the end of the band I was in with a few colleagues.

I wish they would decide already!!! I will be sad if we go down, but at least there will be certainty. My biggest fear is that they decide on Wednesday to give us 2 million to tie us over until they have tried to find other solutions. Because if they DON'T find those solutions, we will still go bankrupt. Only then it wil be horrible to work here inbetween.


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