15 December 2003


Death penalty would be no tragedy .

That is not my opinion.But the opinion of the Australian Prime Minister AND the Leader of the AUstralian opposition. I blik my eyes and re-read what John Howard has said:

The death penalty is fine for Saddam Hussein, even though a decision has yet to be made on how the captured former dictator will be tried, say the Prime Minister, John Howard, and the Opposition Leader, Mark Latham. Mr Howard told Channel Nine yesterday that if the death penalty were imposed, he would support it "absolutely".

Pretty shocking that is. Why do they not immideately re-introduce the deathpenalty in Australia. Apparently the two leaders are in favour of it. How can they say things like that? I am sure that they mean: well, how nice if they kill him, then we can say we are against the death penalty OFFICIALLY but on a personal note we would like him dead.

Thank God the New Zealand leader Helen Clarke immideately said that New Zealand is against the death penalty and would oppose it strongly if Saddam was sentenced to death. Maybe New Zealand people are better. Maybe that is where I should move to.

But there are some smart Aussies. Asshows the Letters-page in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Now that they've caught him, what are they going to charge him with? They can't charge him with having WMDs, as none have been found. Nor can they charge him with involvement in September 11, 2001, or having links with Osama bin Laden, because on both of these charges the CIA has said there is no evidence.

And they certainly wouldn't dare charge him with gassing the Kurds because they supplied him with the gas and turned a blind eye.

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