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17 December 2003

Until February

We hear today if we are going to live another day. I mean that today we will hear if we will be subsidised some more or will be be bankrupt by the end of this day. I am already working for 4 hours. My girl is still in bed, nice and warm. And I am waiting to hear of I have a job or not. Who cares about work when you have a nice warm body to sleep next to?

Tonight there is a dinner with a lot of the people who work here. Depending on the resulot from today, it is either a farewell dinner or it is a celebration of living another month. I am shipping Jane off to Lord of the Rings for the night. Not sure why people love that shit so much. I have never seen a single frame of the movie but anyone who says a three-hour movie is 'a bit fast, the book is much slower', needs the brain checked. Boring, boring, boring.


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