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19 December 2003

What the hell

I came to the conclusion that it falls into the category of mildly addictive. Just like bubblewrap. You know that feeling when you receive something through the post in a jiffy-bag and you couldn't give a toss what's actually IN the bag. All you want is to rip the thing apart and molest the bubblewrap. Or is that just me? Well that is what its like. After trying it I just couldn't stop and within half an hour I realised that I would just continue until the hoover packed in or until every single spine had been sucked away to the great Christmas tree in the sky. So with huge amounts of will power I put the vacuum cleaner away and did something else.

Oh my lord. I just read on A Spot of Blog that Jane has vacumed our Christmas Tree. Interesting. I am working and I read on her blog that my girlfriend at home has been vacuming our tree. Hehehehe.


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