07 January 2004

And in the left corner

Billionaires for Bush.

I have noticed that the Left side of the presidential election camp seems to know their way around the web much better. Just from looking at Blogforamerica.com, the Howard Dean website, there are hundreds of websites and weblogs listed. And a lot of them are started by Dean. He has a targeted blog for just about every minority in the country. studentsfordean.org, unemployedfordean.org. You name it and they have their own blog. Such a shame that Dean knows how to use the internet so well but he will still loose the elections to George Bush. Unfortunately Americans just don't see it. Europe sees it,the rest of the world sees it: George Bush is a danger to America and the rest of the world.

If you are still reluctant, have a look at Bush in 30 seconds. I mentioned it before (as has the rest of the blogging world it seems) but the winning ads are now up and well worth a look. There is some good talent out there on the left. If only they could get over The War. That topic is not what will change voters' minds about voting. Education will. Healthcare will. Civil Rights will. THAT is what they should focus on. Come on Howard!! Come on Dean!

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