12 January 2004

Another dream shattered

The ladies of T.a.T.u (I hear you think: WHO?) are not gay. Another dream in shambles. I never though they were just acting it for the cameras. They looked so in love. I always believed they were really lesbians and that they were making a case for young lesbians in Russia. I thought they wanted to show Russian gay youngsters that it is OK to be gay. That is it something you don't need to be ashamed of. At the Eurovision Song Contest, I felt they really provided Europe with a positive rolemodel. Young, confident girls; standing up for themselves. And they could sing very well too. But now one of them has said she is not gay. That she was only pretending and that they both have a boyfriend.

I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it. I think the girls have been brainwashed by their manager to play it straight because being a lesbian might harm their carreer. After all, they are such brilliant singers, if they had been straight, they would already be mega stars. So I think the two young girls could no longer take a stand against growing pressure. And now they are forced back into the closet. I believe lesbians and gays should buy their albums, just to support them. And to show that these days, being gay really does not harm your ercord sales. That in fact, being gay can be really good for your record sales.

After all, didn't half the lesbian world buy Sinead O' Connor's latest album when she said she was a lesbian? (Never mind that when the next album came out, she said she was married to a bloke.) And did gay men not buy George Michael's material as soon as he came out? Many people called it a marketing ploy but I think they really wanted to be courageous and come out. Especially Sinead O'Connor.

So once again: I would encourage all lesbians and gays to bo out and buy the t.A.t.U. (TATU? t.a.t.u.?) albums. Support your lesbian friends!!

[/sarcastic mode]

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