13 January 2004


Sometimes I just don't know what to say. (I want to avoid a huge long anti-America rant here because I am trying to be more open-minded and not judge all Americans by stories in the media. But it is getting very very hard. Because this is not a stupid individual. This is a LAW that allows this sort of disgusting stuff)

NASHVILLE -- A state appeals court says a gay father must keep his homosexuality in the closet when his son is around.

But the state Court of Appeals says it was wrong for a lower court to send Joseph Randolph Hogue to jail for simply telling the boy he was gay.

As part of a divorce hearing, Hogue was barred from "exposing the child to his gay lovers and, or his gay lifestyle."

Hogue claimed it was an illegal and overly broad restraining order.

The appeals court says it found nothing wrong with the lower court shielding the child from the gay influences.

But the court did agree with Hogue that the order didn't specifically ban the father from telling his son about his sexual orientation.

(via: Fridge Magnet)

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