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02 January 2004

Dazed and confused: I NEED HELP

I have been surfing the web for about 3 days now, trying to get somethings straight. And it won'twork. It is abouthtis: I am moving to England, if all goes well, in April 2004. I am sorting out what kind of insurance I will need to get once I have moved. And I am very very very confused. Here in The Netherlands, we have a kind of Personal LIability Insurance. Example: I am playing soccer and accidentally break your window. In that case,my Personal LIability INsurance pays. Butin England it seems that YOUR insurance would pay. So if 10 people would bew playing soccer and kickingyour windows in, your insurance would be paying for the errors OTHER people make and that could result inyou being banned from the insurance for claiming too much.

I am very confused. There MUST be some kind of insurance in England that covers me for accidents I cause. What if I am cycling along the road and I accidentally scratch your car with my bike? Would YOUR car insurance pay? Or what if I help you move house and drop your expensive flatscreen TV? Would YOUR home contents insurance pay?

So, if someone can help me with this, I would be most grateful. I just do not want to go to England, cause an accident and find myself paying off my depts for the rest of my life. Grrr.....all this moving is harder than I thought.


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