06 January 2004

Greed?Or am I jealous

Today I watched Oprah's Favorite Things 2003. Oprah gives away 1.5 MILLION US$ in presents (thanks to the sponsors) to the studio audience. The audience never knows that it will be in THAT show. SO when Oprah told the audience, the greedy women screamed their heads off for 5 minutes. And they kept on screaming thoughout the whole show.

These people came in to watch Oprah and went home with, amongst others, DVD-cameras of $1000, a watch of $595, Kashmir sweaters of $395, Macaroons for $15 a dozen!!!! DVD-players, diamonds and gold. To name a few things. And ther was one of each item for EVERY member in the audience. Bloody hell. And let's not forget to name the price for every item we give away and how nice the sponsor is and how great the product. Actually Oprah knows nothing about the product, she just promotes it.

Greedy bitches. I thought christmas was all about The Spirit of giving, not about the greed of getting as much expensive stuff as possible. It was quite a disgusting thing to witness. Screaming women and sponsor-flaunting. Why did they not give the 1.5 million to a good cause? Homeless people or something? Disgusting!!!


Is it jealousy?

Am I just as greedy? Would I scream my head off too? I wouldn't, that is sure. But I would sink back in my chair and be gobsmacked with every present I got. So it is not the gift-giving that bugs me. It is the American Hysteria. And it seems to be spreading around the world. And that is a worry. Another worry is that I thought: I wish I was in that audience.

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