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06 January 2004

It was HIM


The Daily Mirror, tasteful as always, offers pictures. "Every picture is available to buy on a fantastic range of high quality products." So I was seriously tempted to order this front page with Diana's coffin on my nice tea mug. Or maybe as a Tshirt?

Of course we all know Princess Diana was a completely mentally unstable woman. I fear that only now the inquest into her death has started, it will become clear how mentally disturbed she was. I think Diana was definately suffering from a mental illness. And there was no where for the poor woman to go. She was hardly going to get help from the Royal Family. I cried when Diana was carried into the Church in a coffin. As did the rest of the world. I did not cry for her. I cried for the magnitude of the event I was watching.

Anyway, the inquest will show there is nothing suspicious about Diana's death. But I disagree. That driver did not look drunk on the video footage they showed on TV. There is something fishy about it all. But a murder plot? I don't think so. Will the coronar have the guts to admit there WAS a murder plot if he finds one? If he does, he will cause the greatest turmoil since.....well.....I am not sure there has been a similar scandal in the past 200 years....... As a journalist, my news-instinct hopes there was indeed a plan to murder her. But for my own sense of safety in this world, I hope there wasn't. How unsafe will people in Britan feel if they find there was indeed a plan to murder Diana? It would be the end of the monarchy of course.


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