13 January 2004

One women and men

On Darren's weblog, I read this question:
Why is it, when a woman points out another woman and says 'she's so pretty', I rarely agree? Is this a common phenomenon? If so, what are the men seeing that the women aren't? Discuss.

I replied in his Comments but I am interested in what people here think. Especially interested to find out if lesbians would be inclined to side with the men or the women on this issue. I am with the women!!!

I guess some part of it has to do with jealousy. Women, much more so than men, tend to not just look at a woman but immideately compare themselves with that woman. So they would rarely come up with a woman men are possibly going to find more attractive physically. (yes, I made that up but I think there is a point in there).

Also, women seem to be able to judge other people's beauty on a non-sexual basis. Women seem capable of seeing the beauty in another women without even considering they might be lesbians. Ask the average man to point out a guy he thinks is beautiful and he will stare at you and tell you 'he is not like that'. So maybe that is why they would like different women: Men look in a more sexual way. (Yet again I made that up and yet again it sounds plausibe. I could be the next Freud. He made it all up and related it to sex.)

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