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12 January 2004

These are The Rules

Planning a trip to London? Planning to use the London Underground? Better make sure you are up-to-date with the Underground Etiquette. Like Lesson #28: If at first your ticket doesn't work, don't try again. Or lesson #29: Staring at seats can give you Magic Eye. Look at the picture: does it or does it not give you Magic Eyes. Makes you wonder what secret images the London Underground have hidden in their seats. Maybe messages for terrorists? Security hints?

Going Underground has everything you ever want to know about the Tube. Celeb-spotting; tips and hints; Tube hygene; Tube quiz; and of course the The fun, almost award winning, London Underground Tube Diary. This will keep you busy for at least 5 days I reckon. It certainly has made me cancel my afternoon snooze. (No, I am not old, I just started my work at 4am this morning). I got so caught up, now it makes no more sense to snooze since it is almost 5pm. Might aswell read a little more.


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