15 January 2004

They can all go to hell

I am so done with the people in this place. Deadlines are a daily occurrence in tv reporting. We go live with the news at 6pm. One can assume that EVERYBODY works as hard as they can to get things finished in time. So what is the use of a F*************N director calling me every 2 minutes to ask if I am ready yet. And then call me to say: I need those headlines NOW. Well, I am sorry, they are not finished OR I WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU SO. F***********K OFF.
Due to computer crashes and peopel taking longer than they should, they were not finished. Sometimes that happens. What pisses me off more than anythign is that they then let me wait 20 minutes before they tell me I can send them the headlines (over the network from the editsets to the control room). In the mean time I hear them on the intercom about the weather, taking their time to do their stuff, chatting and what have you. In the meantime, someone else has to WAIT until they can start editing because I am still waiting for them downstairs to load my headlines from my computer. I tell them, they say: You didn't have time earlier, now we don't have time for you.

They call themselves professionals but they deliberately take the risk of the report that is supposed to be edited AFTER me in that edit suite, not being finished. Just to prove their point.

You most likely did not uderstand any of this rant. I don't care. I don't want to work here anymore. I want to leave. Soon. They are pissing me off. I know things are hard for everyone because of all the colleagues that have been fired. Fine. But stop complaining and get on with your work. And stop thinking that you are the only one who works hard.
Bugger off. Leave me alone.

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