28 January 2004

Time for some bunnies

I did not know that as a lesbian you could do this. I thought lesbians adored women and treated them like queens. But apparently I have ticked someone off really badly with this weblog. I humbly apologise if I did so.

'Bunny Factor' objectifies women.

Women are no objects. They are worth worshipping, adulation and adoration. Enter The Bunny Cult. Hmmmm, it is starting to look like I refer to women as Bunnies. I would never do that. It would majorly piss-off the feminists. They are annoyed already because they they wonder: why are young women welcoming the return of the Bunny?. Interesting question. Maybe because a Bunny is fluffy and soft and there is a new kind of woman who agrees she can be fluffy and soft and yet stand up for herself. But just as she has regained her power, a new question emerges: Why the Bunny now means ... nothing.

Confused with all those different opinions about Bunnies? So am I. So I am simply going to stick to my own opinion. Many of you will have wondered what The Bunny Factor 10 actually means. Well, here is the secret: Jane and I came up with the term when we were trying to find a scale to indicate how hot, appealing, horny or attractive something or someone is. Saying "BF10" in public sounds better than saying: "I am horny as hell, let's go home and shag like bunnies". We did not know there already was such a thing as "The 'Dust-Bunny' Factor " to indicate how tidy gay men become once they move in together. I much prefer the meaning Jane and I have attributed to The Bunny Factor.

Come to think of it, if I re-read the last paragraph again, they might be right after all: 'Bunny Factor' objectifies women. Yeah. Makes it all much easier to speak about them in public.

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