21 January 2004

Today is the day

Today marks a shift in my life. We all have moments when we realise our lives will never be the same. Moments when we feel the earth shift. Moment when we realise something has died dep inside us.

I had a moment like that this morning. For weeks I knew it was coming. I knew that some day soon I would have to face The Moment. I have not really worked very hard to avoid it, eventhough I could quite easily. But all the time I thought that it wouldn't happen to me. I thought I would be excluded from the majority of the population. Why was I so naive? Why did I not act sooner? So now I will have to deal with the consequences of my laziness. But first I will need to accept this new phase in my life. And today I will have to endure the laughter of my colleagues.

Today, for the first time in my life, I had to lie down on the floor to be able to zip up my jeans.

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