28 January 2004

What to do

I am moving to Leamington Spa in England. Close to Birmingham, about 1 hour drive. (Jane drove past 'my' new house and says it is absolutely massive!!!!) I am looking forward to that. But I am slightly worried about not having a job. It will of course turn out OK in the end but for now, I have everything arranged, except a job. So what do I do when I see this job ad for a Dutch Speaking Production Subtitler. I immideately think of applying for it. But it is in London. The only way I would be able to actually get to my work would be by living in London. And I am not living in London.
Also, the job requires an immideate start.
So now what? I just got a place to live in Leam, I have 2 months to go before I leave The Netherlands. But on the other hand it is quite a cool opportunity with a good chance of getting that job. SHould I apply and change all my plans? I don't want to apply and decide when I get the job. My mind tells me to apply: I am without a job and I need one. But my heart says: Calm down. It is nowhere near where you wanted to live, you are not ready for 2 months and living in London would defeat the purpose of moving to be closer to Jane.

I had thought that maybe once I have a car, I could start applying for jobs outside the immideate Leamington area.
There, I have decided. I am not applying for it. Now tell me I am stupid.

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