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23 February 2004

Centre of attention

The International Court of Justice in The Hague is hearing the case against the so-called Wall of Peace that Israel is building right through Palestinian land. Yet again my city, The Hague, is the focus of world attention. We also have the UN Yugoslavia Tibunal here. Good good good.

Outside the Peace Palace pro-Israeli demonstrators have shown they have no taste or style. They had a busdflown in from Israel. That bus was blown up in January and 11 people were killedin that attack. At the moment, people are standingon the roof of that bus. Tactful isn't it? Protesters are also carrying pictures of 1000 people who died in Palestinian bombattacks. These pictures were kindly offered to the demonstrators by the Israeli Embassy in The Hague. Geez, embassies should not get involved in that kind of stuff. But we all know Israel disregards international laws and UN resolutions.

I am not a fan of bombing people to death. But as I said here before, Israel is killing Palestinians every day. The so-called Wall of Peace runs right through Palestinian land. They build Jewish settlements and then throw a wall around them, claiming the land is theirs. Palestinians are simply demanding Israel builds the wall along the borders agreed upon in 1967.But no, Israel wants more land. So they run the wall right through some of the most fertile Palestinian land.

Israel keeps saying that everyone who does not agree with them is anti-Semite. The mayor of The Hague tried to stop the pro-Israel protesters flying that bus in. It would be provocation. And disgusting. And disrespectful for those who died in that bus. And he tried to stop the protesters wearing pictures of victims. But a judge ruled they were allowed to take the pictures. Fair enough. Then the mayor expressed his anger at the Israelian Embassy supplying the photos. Israel responded as it always does: "We are shocked that a Christian politician from a friendly nation does not attack terrorism by Palestinians but tells Israel off for defending its right to protest."

Excuse me? Asking people not to provoke other demonstrators is not denying rights. It is also not sanctioning terrorism. But we all know Israel responds to everything in terms of You are with us or against us. No wonder they are such close friends with George Bush. I hope the International Court of Justice rules that wall to be illegal. But of course, Israel has already said that as long as the International Court of Justice does not say that terrorism is wrong, they will not listen to the ruling. So, as usual, Israel wants the world to allow crimes committed by Israeli army and Israeli government because Palestinians do nasty things too. Just like spoilt children.
Both sides are behaving like children. Israel like a spoilt little brat that wants its way. Palestinians like a deprived child demanding its rights in a rather unorthodox way.

Why does Israel need to provoke the Palestinians? Extremists have said that if Israel builds the wall along its own border, they won't have a problem with it. Isn't that the solution then? Build the thing along your own border, instead of halfway into another country. If you really want to stop your people from being killed, you would at least consider it. But not Israel. No. They are throwing their toys out of their pram, sulking, pouting and yelling I-want-this-wall-over-here!!!! Sure. Whatever. Israel wants land. Not peace. As long as people are attacking Israel, the world is lenient towards Israel. Imagine the Palestinians ending their bombing? That would mean Israel can never kill a Palestinian again. It would mean Israel can never claim more land for their settlers. That would be a disaster. Because just as much as Arabs don't want the Jewish state, Israel does not want a Palestinian state. Under no circumstances. So it serves Israel well that Palestinians attack people: it gives Israel the moral right to take more land and kill Palestinians.


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